When Do You Know That a Structural Engineer is Needed?

When you’re putting an event together, you have so many different things on your mind that constructing to a set code of standards may be the last thing you think of. Often times, outdoor events in particular require a report to prove that the standards have been met and that each structure is safe for the general public. But who do you call for something like this?

When it comes to determining the quality of a structure, a structural engineer is the right person to contact. In situations such as this, the engineer serves an authority having jurisdiction (AHJ).  For those who are unfamiliar, an AHJ is an official who possesses authority in their field and thorough knowledge of standard materials and work practices used in the structural design and construction process.

The AHJ is held responsible for interpreting different codes, regulations and standards to the event coordinators, as well as approving the equipment and materials. If a structure does not measure up to the proper standards, it is imperative for the AHJ to point out the problem and insist on alterations.

For a structural engineer to be deemed as an authority having jurisdiction, it means that they are viewed as an expert in their field. If you have an upcoming outdoor event, be sure to contact an experienced structural engineer and protect yourself and your guests from any unforeseen mishaps.

(Post by Tray Allen of
James Thomas Engineering)