What is a Wind Action Plan?

Having built quite a few structures for outdoor events, the professionals at James Thomas Engineering know how important good weather conditions can be for the success of an event. However, it is imperative that, when dealing with structures of this magnitude, you have certain procedures in place, in the off-chance that a storm comes barreling in. That’s what a wind action plan is for.

A wind action plan is a set strategy for how to handle certain wind-speed actions during an event. An example of this could be that an engineer has determined that all fabrics must begin to be taken down from the temporary structure once wind-speed has hit 30 miles per hour.

Before the event begins, the wind action plan should be discussed with all members involved. This way, it can be established just how long each procedure will take and a timeline can be drawn up. Then in the event that a severe storm does begin to make its way towards your venue, each component of the wind action plan can be completed in a timely manner, well before the storm actually hits.

Plans such as this help to ensure, not only that your event goes off without a hitch, but also that your guests are safe from the bending, twisting or collapsing of any loose structures. Be sure that your engineer has a wind action plan set in place before beginning any event and rest easy knowing that if the weather does take a turn of the worse, you’ll know what to do!

(Post by: Tray Allen of
James Thomas Engineering)