What is a Structural Engineer?

Simply put, a structural engineer is an individual who sets out to design public works that can withstand any of the forces that they may be exposed to.  Such structures could include, but are not limited to, bridges, buildings, stadiums or theatres. When it comes to the construction of any of the aforementioned, it is the responsibility of the structural engineer to ensure that each is designed with the safety of the public in mind.

During the initial designing stages, the structural engineer begins by determining the structural integrity of the project.  It is absolutely imperative to make certain that external influences, such as weather changes and human force will not compromise the stability of the structure. The engineer will use theoretical concepts and advanced technologies to do so, drawing out the final set of plans once that has been completed.

As with any project, a team of trained individuals from various professional backgrounds will then work together to bring the structure to life. A structural engineer in particular will work alongside others of his field, (mechanical, electrical and/or civil engineers) as well as contractors and architects, also hired by for the job. At this point, it is expected of the structural engineer to serve as a site inspector, supervising the execution of the blueprints and implementation of their own designs.

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