Remote Tower Lock Off


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The tower Lock-Off ™ securely locks a climbing truss sleeve block with its tower, thereby carrying the entire tower load capacity and distributing it downward through the tower.  This Patent Pending method uses a motorized locking mechanism that mounts within the truss tower.  The height is adjustable in 1” increments over a 30” distance.   Introduced this year at LDI is the 15” Tower model with a capacity of 8,000 pounds.  Models for all sizes and styles of truss towers are soon to be released.

The Lock-Off ™ is remote controlled without personnel climbing the towers.  In operation, the sleeve block climbs the truss via conventional chain motor rigging.  At high trim it triggers a series of sensors that indicate to the operator whether the sleeve is Low, High or Aligned for locking into place.  When the sleeve is aligned, the operator extends the locking forks into stirrups that are mounted to the bottom of the sleeve block by the press of a button.   Once the Lock-Off ™ is engaged, vertical travel of the chain motors is precluded.  The stirrup design also limits the vertical rise of the truss roof to less than 1”.

During the exercise of a wind action plan, the lighting, sound, projection and scenic loads that are suspended by chain motors from the roof are lowered to the deck.  The Lock-Off ™ forks are retracted, and the roof is lowered, once again without ever sending personnel to climb the towers.