Moving Light Truss (GP)


Moving Light Truss





Moving Light truss has been designed around the Pre-rigged truss size. 91” x 30″ x 26″ in size (other
sizes are available. It is manufactured from aluminium tube 6082-T6 with 2″ x .125″ wall thickness for
main tubes and 1″ x .125″ wall tube for the diagonals. Each truss piece has 8 castor wheels for easy
maneuverability and bolts for the connection of truss pieces.
Each 91” truss is designed to carry 3 moving light fixtures. The moving lights are stored internally in
the truss and can be lowered to the working position when in use. This design reduces the amount of
space required for lighting and rigging in the truck. .
Two handles allow the lowering of each moving light. The following units have been tried in our
moving light trusses. Highend Studio Color and Studio Spot.
Coemar CF7 wash fixture
Martins line of Mac fixtures; 250, 300, 500, 600, and 2000
Other fixtures may fit within the design of this truss by using a custom fitted plate.
The whole system can be used with our Ground Support System by using suitable sleeve blocks and
Please note no fixtures are included with truss.