GP Pre-Rigged Truss


General Purpose Truss





Pre-Rig truss is 30″ x 26″ in size. It is manufactured from aluminium tube 6082-T6 with 2″ x .125″
wall thickness for main tubes and 1″ x .125″ wall tube for the diagonals. Each truss piece has 4 castor
wheels for easy maneuverability and bolts for the connection of truss pieces.
Each truss is designed to carry 2 lighting bars complete with lanterns. The lighting bars are stored
internally in the truss and can be lowered to the working position when in use. This design reduces the
amount of space required for lighting and rigging in the truck. Each truss is also designed to carry a
varying amount of lanterns, the 10′ section carries 2 bars of 8 lanterns, 7′ 7″section carries 2 bars of 6
lanterns, 5′ section carries 2 bars of 4 lanterns, and the 3′ 9-1/2″ section carries 2 bars of 3 lanterns. This
feature enables great flexibility in the truss design.
The Pre-Rig truss accepts a modified lighting bar which have 2 sleeved holes in them. The lighting
bars are located inside the truss by guide rods. In the storage position the bars are securely held in the
truss by shank hooks. The whole system can be used with our Ground Support System by using suitable
sleeve blocks and towers.