Baby Tower






The Thomas Baby Tower 2 system is a small ground support tower designed to lift loads of up to 2000 lbs. to a maximum height of 26 feet in a 4 tower configuration, 18 feet in a goal post (2 tower) configuration with the outrigger section fitted or 14 feet as a single tower with the outrigger arms and section fitted. The Baby Tower is made up of modular lengths of 4″ x .25″ wall thickness square tube to provide an adjustable height to suit your requirements. These simply fit together by sliding the section into the top of the section below it. The truss rig is adapted to the tower system by means of suitable sleeve blocks for the type of truss being used. The sleeve blocks are fitted with 4 wheels which allow the truss rig to rise up and down the tower smoothly. The whole system is very light weight and simple to use and will pack away into a very small space.

The Baby Tower can be used to lift loads by one of the 3 types as following :
1) Manual wire rope winch mounted to Base section.
2) Manual Chain hoist mounted to the truss rig.
3) Electric Chain hoist mounted to the truss rig.