The 2014 James Thomas Engineering Rigging Experience

james thomas engineering rigging experience

At James Thomas Engineering, we provide aluminum trussing, rigging, and ground support manufacturing for clients on the world stage, including general purpose truss, supertruss, and HD truss systems design and implementation. Our mission statement—Innovation through Design and Engineering Excellence—carries over into training others to properly and efficiently manage these systems.

That’s why we offer the James Thomas Engineering Rigging Experience right here in Knoxville, TN. This year, the program will be held from February 24th to March 1st.

The James Thomas Engineering Rigging Experience is a weeklong training program that covers truss, rigging, and roof system training. We teach the math behind rigging and load data, as well as proper assembly and loading of truss. This is the premier offering for this type of training which puts us, once again, at the forefront of expertise in a constantly changing industry.

At the conclusion of the program, participants will be rewarded with a certificate to document their accomplishment. The package includes a 5 night stay at the Holiday Inn World’s Fair Park with complementary parking as well as a daily serving of breakfast and lunch. Knoxville natives can forgo these accommodations and participate at a reduced rate.

To check out the official event listing for the James Thomas Engineering Rigging Experience, we invited those interested to head over to our Facebook page, where they can interact with other participants and stay up to date on the week’s activities. We also have a website with specific times and a form for visitors to register for the program online.

For truly state-of-the-art, comprehensive training with truss, rigging, and roof systems, you can trust James Thomas Engineering, where we hope to pass on our 35 years of industry experience to those who are eager to learn.