Rigging Accessories

James Thomas Engineering is a leading choice for lighting, and truss rigging accessories and truss rentals. We offer a wide variety of truss hoisting equipment including an assortment of couplers, spansets and steelflexes, stac chains, guidewires, shackles and more. Make set up or break down easier and more efficient with added lifting points, or more controlled and precise with guy wire, extra shackles and truss pins.

James Thomas Engineering’s truss rigging equipment is designed to work for you. Our spansets, stac chains and steelflexes come in 3ft and 6ft options, and are pull to pull 2 ton certified. Thomas Engineering offers virtually every kind of replacement truss hoisting accessory necessary to complete the job, including truss bolts, shackles, pins, and truss pin extractors. The James Thomas Engineering lifting points can easily attach to the top or bottom of your truss fixtures to ensure your rigging process has precise, controlled movement at all times. When combined with James Thomas Engineering’s fixed or 90 degree swivel couplers, set up will be quick and painless. It also, helps that our couplers are manufactured to fit a variety of truss sizes.

All James Thomas Engineering truss rigging equipment and hoisting accessories are proven to meet the standards demanded of the entertainment industry. Whether you are setting up a display at an exhibition center, a station at a trade conference or a large concert stage, you can find all the truss rigging accessories you need to get the job done right. Contact us today for more information or to place an order!

Lifting Points

Lifting Points are rated for 2000 pounds and available for 12", 15", 18", 20.5" and 30" Pre-rigged truss. Custom Lifting Points are also available.



Designed for Overhead Suspension Applications where metal slings are required. Steel Galvanized Aircraft Cable encased in a black double-wall polyester jacket