Popular Stage Rigging Products at Last Year’s LDI Show

Tower Lock-Off

At the Live Design International Show in Las Vegas last November, two of James Thomas Engineering’s products proved to be very popular: our B4209 Ballast Base and our Tower Lock-Off ™. Because the show is an important indicator of the industry and where we’re headed, we’ve been paying special attention to these two products in 2014.

Our B4209 Ballast Base attaches to both our standard and bigger tower bases, and holds up to 3,000 pounds of water weight. The B4209 is made of steel and can be hand lifted at the corners or moved using a forklift, as fork entries are built into all four sides. The Ballast Base container holds water in a steel reinforced, UV stabilized polymer enclosure protected by a double-layer liner and locking lid.

B4209 Ballast Base Our Tower Lock-Off ™ technology is revolutionizing truss tower safety and convenience as it securely locks a climbing truss sleeve block with its tower, carrying the entire tower load capacity and distributing it downward through the tower. This Patent Pending method uses a motorized locking mechanism that mounts within the truss tower, with an adjustable height in 1” increments. The Lock-Off ™ is remote controlled without personnel having to climb the towers. The model introduced at the Live Design International Show had a capacity of 8,000 pounds. James Thomas Engineering plans to release Lock-Off ™ models for all sizes and styles of truss towers in the coming months.

James Thomas Engineering currently has a bustling 30,000 foot facility in Knoxville, TN. Known for developing a pre-rigged truss design used by major rock bands on world tours in the 1980s, followed by the “supertruss” system in the 1990s, with our latest products we continue to deliver “innovation through design and excellence.”