Known as the industry leader in truss lighting fixtures, James Thomas Engineering has been producing high quality Par lighting fixtures and truss lighting systems for decades. The lighting bars, made from high quality aluminum tubing, are the top of the line. With a silver or black finish, you can have the lighting bar match your Par lantern finish.

Along with truss lighting fixtures, James Thomas Engineering is also responsible for what is widely regarded as the industry standard when it comes to the spun aluminum Par lantern. The Par lighting fixtures are made out of high quality thick gauge aluminum for the best in lightweight durability.

Special lanterns can be provided to suit your specific needs. James Thomas Engineering has pioneered both indoor and outdoor par lantern. The outdoor lanterns feature corrosion resistant fittings, and a cast aluminum construction with a polyester powder coated finish in either black or silver.

Indoor par lanterns can be personalized in several ways. Black and silver are the standard colors, but other colored models are available to order. Units include a lamp adjuster to enable external adjustment of the lamps. The color changer lanterns come with an arm to form a lock for fitting color changers. Other variations can be built to suit your needs.

At James Thomas Engineering, we live by our mission statement, innovation through design and engineering excellence. We are a proud Par fixture manufacturer, and stand by our work! For more information or for customer service, please contact us at 865-692-3060, and for sales inquiries, please e-mail