How James Thomas Engineering Got its Start

Anyone who is familiar with our company knows that we’ve called the Knoxville area home for quite a long time now – but our roots are dug a little deeper than that. In fact, production began thousands of miles away in Bishampton England during 1977. It took a lot of dedication and hard work to get us across the pond to where we are today.

Two talented structural engineers by the names of John Thomas and John Walters began the business by operating from inside a small garage where the very first spun
aluminum par fixture was created. Of course, this structure later became the industry standard as the two engineers relocated to Pershore the next year to begin manufacturing trusses. This is where the general purpose truss was originated.

As the company began to grow more and more success, the need to expand was becoming increasingly necessary.
James Thomas Engineering first made the move to the United States in 1990, but with the creation of the supertruss in 1992 and increased production, the company made the second move to a larger facility in October of 2001.

Though simultaneous
truss production
continues on two separate continents, James Thomas Engineering has managed to maintain its position as an industry leader. With continued innovation through design and excellence, those of who represent the Knoxville location are dedicated to live up to the high standards that our clients have grown to expect from our brand since 1977.

(Post by Tray Allen of
James Thomas Engineering)  

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