E1.22 – An ANSI Standard

These days, if you ask someone what a fire curtain is, they probably wouldn’t be able to give you an answer. Past results have shown that most of these curtains do not work, causing many people to disregard the fact that they actually exist. That is until a new set of standards from the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) was adopted in April 2009, known as E1.22, or the Standard for Entertainment Technology Fire Safety Curtain Systems.

Fire curtains are most often found in theatres and provide a fire-rated barrier between the stage and audience that is to be dropped in the event of a fire on the stage. Its purpose is to confine the fire to one side of the wall and protect audience members from the flames. However, because the International Building Code (IBC) was often vague on fire safety systems for stages in previous years, these fire curtains did not work properly.

Once the stage rigging industry took on the E1.22 standard set by ANSI, it became mandatory for theatre runners to have their fire curtains inspected by a qualified professional each year. So who falls into this “qualified” category? A professional from a well-regarded rigging company will usually suffice – like James Thomas Engineering.

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