Truss & SuperTruss Manufacturer in Tennessee

James Thomas Engineering was born in a small garage in Bishampton England in 1977. From those humble beginnings, to a converted office unit, to a much larger 5000 square foot unit in 1980, the seeds were planted for a new industry leader in aluminum general purpose truss design. By 1983, James Thomas developed a pre-rigged truss design used by major rock bands on world tours.

Fast forward to 1990, James Thomas Engineering began manufacturing in the United States to keep truss design moving on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. In 1992, the supertruss system was designed. With this new truss design, it proved that James Thomas Engineering is on the leading edge of aluminum and general purpose truss design.

As the years pass, James Thomas Engineering continues to grow. As demand for our innovative supertruss systems grew, and with new products such as the baby tower, created in 1996, a need for a new facility was created. In October of 2001, the office in the United States relocated to a new 30,000 foot facility specifically built on 6.28 acres.

By growing with their demands, they continue to maintain the wonderful customer service our customers have come to expect. As an industry leader in supertruss systems and general purpose aluminum truss design, we at James Thomas Engineering are committed to our mission statement: Innovation through design and excellence. Please browse our web site and contact us with any inquiries.

James Thomas Engineering is committed to its mission statement.