Catwalk Systems

James Thomas Engineering offers pre-fabricated catwalks systems to be used in conjunction with our line of rigged and non-rigged supertrusses. The James Thomas catwalk systems are perfect for increased mobility during set up and break down as well as for use during performances. Catwalks offer great camera angles for video production, and easy lighting adjustments on the fly. This simple design has a tremendous amount of capability as well as configurations. Combine our pre-fabricated catwalk systems to reach the desired length.

James Thomas Engineering offers two catwalk structures, a flat catwalk system and a rigged catwalk system. Our rigged catwalks are incorporated right into the show, allowing your crew to pre-rig them with hanging lights (at a large loading capacity) while allowing a person to walk safely through the truss. This makes the James Thomas Engineering rigged catwalk system an extremely efficient option. With set up and storage as easy as the James Thomas Engineering rigged supertrusses, you will have everything ready for the show or the truck in a matter of time.

User safety is James Thomas Engineering’s utmost priority. With the inclusion of handrails, the James Thomas Engineering catwalk systems are compliant with OSHA safety standards. James Thomas Engineering’s rigged and flat catwalk systems ensure durability and stable footing, use after use. James Thomas Engineering’s catwalk systems are perfect for stage performances in all locations, including indoor and outdoor venues. Contact us for more information or to place an order today!