Truss & Supertruss Connectors & Cables

The highest quality cables, connectors and adapters available in the industry complement James Thomas Engineering’s innovative concert lighting and truss systems. Our assortment of components meets the highest of industry standards. The high durability and meticulous construction of these products power large and small venues and events with safe, dependable connectors, cables and accessories.

Lighting and sound systems are either limited or freed by the quality of their components, and the experts of James Thomas Engineering supply their clients with only the finest made accessories to maximize sound and lighting quality. From spooled cables, adapters and assortments of 7 pin connectors, installation is quick, easy and keeps systems running at optimum efficiency.

Contact us with any questions you may have on technical specs, system components or custom truss projects. The quality and construction of our super truss systems and accessories are matched only by our dedicated customer service and industry knowledge

Cable w/ Connectors

CEEP cable assemblies are available with either Compact or Extended backshells and a wide range of cables. Standard cables include 16g/18c, 14g/19c, 14g/14c, 12g/19c and 12g/14c with 105o C, PVC jacket for flexibility and durability. Other cables are available for special applications.


Connector w/ Breakout

MULTI-CABLE assemblies can be made using VEAM VSC, or CIR multi-pin connectors and multi-conductor cable. The wide range of cables allows the customer to specify the correct size cable required for their project. Sizes available include 16g/18c, 14g/18c, 14g/14c, 12g/19c and 12g/14c. Other cables are available for special applications.


7 Pin Connector

CEEP Series 92 multipin connectors are a reliable and proven electrical connector with a functional design that is both simple and easy to use. The Series 92 connector line is both UL recognized and CE marked. They are widely used in the entertainment industry and are compatible with other 19, 37 & 7 Pin circular connectors.


Assortment of Connectors

View the full assortment of CEEP Series 92 multipin connectors & high quality Veam VSC connectors.



James Thomas has I-Bars in stock and ready to ship! I-Bars are similar to T-Bars except they are much more stable, support more weight, and offer additional mounting options.

Remote Tower Lock Off

  The tower Lock-Off ™ securely locks a climbing truss sleeve block with its tower, thereby carrying the entire tower load capacity and distributing it downward through the tower.  This Patent Pending method uses a motorized locking mechanism that mounts within the truss tower.  The height is adjustable in 1” increments over a 30” distance.  ... Read more »

Circular Sleeve Blocks

Circle sleeve blocks from James Thomas Engineering feature built in lifting points and eliminate the need for specific angled corners and gates. Along with assorted attachments, these circular sleeve blocks can be used with 12 x 12 through 20.5 x 30 sized truss to allow for a wide range of angular options between spans.