Light Up The Night!

One of the most important elements of putting together a concert of any kind is its lighting. Think about it; lighting not only points out key elements in the show, (i.e. where to look, when a song is beginning, when a song is ending, etc.) but it gets you really excited! One of the most… Read more »

An Electrifying Experience

Much like the work we did at Radio City Music Hall, James Thomas Engineering recently had the opportunity to work alongside Pook Diemont &Ohl, Inc. on another exciting project. In fact, it was downright electrifying! For those of you who are unfamiliar, David Blaine is an accomplished and admired American illusionist and endurance artist. Some… Read more »

There’s Still Time!

A couple of weeks ago we let you all know that James Thomas Engineering would be present at the 25thLive Design International in Las Vegas, Nevada. Well the weekend is finally upon us and it’s not too late to make arrangements to come out and see us! Once again, the event will be held at… Read more »

Every Truss is in Need of Proper Support

You could have an expertly designed and manufactured truss but it won’t really matter unless you have the proper support. A support tower system from James Thomas Engineering is integral to your super truss system and it is very important for you to know which tower is right for your system. With our company, you… Read more »

Mark Your Calendars!

We’re so excited about the first annual James Thomas Engineering Rigging Experience that we’ve decided to start spreading the word early! The event is to take place from Tuesday, February 26 to Saturday, March 2, 2013 in the beautiful downtown area of Knoxville, TN and trust us when we say, it’s an event that you… Read more »

Stop By and See Us!

This upcoming month, Live Design International (LDI) will be celebrating its 25th year as the leading tradeshow and conference for live design professionals in North and South America. As we have been for the last 25 years, James Thomas Engineering will be there to greet the over 8,000 attendees the event usually brings in –… Read more »

Our Contribution to a Piece of New York History

It’s been a very busy and exciting few weeks for the Truss Manufacturers here at James Thomas Engineering.  Just recently, we have had the privilege of developing a Batten Truss for Pook Diemont and Ohl (PDO), a full service company for theaters, auditoriums, broadcast studios, entertainment facilities and more. This was then installed in none… Read more »

The Effects of Lubrication on Fastener Torque

As a Truss Manufacturing Company, James Thomas Engineering, LTD. has been providing countless truss systems for corporate events, as well as the most innovative concerts and productions since 1977. From Lighting Trusses and Aluminum Trusses to HD Trusses of all shapes and sizes, our engineers have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the… Read more »

PAR Lighting Fixtures

Concerts, theater productions, film production, church services, large speaking venues… All of these require the same thing for proper execution: light! But, what kind of light do they need? If you found this post, you probably know that you need more than a flash light for a correctly lit concert venue. You’ve also probably seen… Read more »

Truss Systems

Whenever you’re at a live show, concert, or conference, an integral part of the presentation is about showcasing focal points. It might be up on stage for a keynote speaker, the latest product by a high tech company, or accompanying the bad guy at a wrestling show. What, quite literally, brings these points to light?… Read more »

Welcome to James Thomas Engineering

Welcome to the James Thomas Engineering Blog! Here you will find some of the most creative and innovative ways in trussing structures, led by us, the industry leaders. We provide the best in truss systems for concerts, conferences or any kind of show. From truss towers, to catwalks, to trusses that hold lights, lightweight movable… Read more »